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Al Ameen

Poem for the Prophet
Born in a desert
Son of Abdullah and Aminah
Known as Al-Ameen (The Truthful)

He is the Fountainhead of Islam
He is the Spring of Iman (Faith)
He is the Tributary of Ihsan (Spiritual excellence)

He was an overwhelming ocean emerging from a desert oasis
Who was deposited in the world to quench our thirst
To nourish our hearts with love
And to guide our souls to the truth

His fragrance has reached the balmy shores of New Guinea
To the polar icecaps of the Arctic
He is the brilliant light that illuminated the world
Shone brightly as the North Star on a calm night

The perfect man whom God has blessed
With a blessing commensurate of His overflowing generosity

And may He shower His blessings on all those who extol Muhammad
(salla lahu alayhi wa'ale hi wasallam)
And enter them into His garden.

Poet Unknown (May Allah swt bless him/her)