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Fragrance from the Prophet  

Sallalla hu alayhi Wa ale hi WaSallam
Blessings and Peace be upon him 

That night I closed my eyes,     
in pain and suffering,
I was aware of my despair.
Distant dreams and lonely nights,          
Buried my soul long ago so deep,
So it couldn’t speak. 

Long into the night I woke up,        
saw the Sun was rising and the moon
 began shining,
a distant person was appearing. 
Someone had come, never did I smell such a scent,
the beauty of this fragrance took the pain from within,
Like a cure had come.
Never did I deserve to see his glimpse, never was I able to see his enlightened face, just didn’t have such a fate,         
Out of sight but there,
My soul was touched,
I knew Mustafa was there.
The Prophet’s fragrance was sent from the Giver and the Bestower,      
his scent revives the faith, guides the believers, comforts the grievers 
            and wakes up those sleepers. 
The Fragrance has travelled, through the ages it has come       
From the dark night in the Hira,
passing with the warm air around Baitullah in Makkah
through the night of exile into Medina.
what a fragrance this was,
scenting the cool breeze,  
bringing glad tidings to the Ansar.

The Fragrance filled the nights with prayer and blessings,      
Words of the Quran were brought with the scent of wisdom
        Companions wore it in their hearts and souls,        
The air of Badr filled it as the enemies ran,
and in Uhud the believers 
felt it as they fell and rose again. 

The Fragrance from The Prophet never went into the blessed grave in Medina, It can be found when the believers open the Quran with faith,
it comes into their homes when they remember the Bestower,
when the blessings are sent onto him, it fills their souls.

The Prophet (saw) is ours, he remains with the Quran and still brings Islam,  his fragrance cannot be seen, but it can be felt,           
It cannot be contained but it can be kissed and touched
I was awake that night,
I have never been more 
awake since,
because I now have faith,
       That fragrance became my faith, believe me
Because  I Have it.

Zulfiqar Amir Raja