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Magnificence of the Prophet
Salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam

Ahmet Cevdet Pasha, an important scholar from Ottoman times, wrote a study that effectively summarized descriptions of the Prophet (saas)'s features. That appeared in Part IV of the Qisas al-Anbiya (Stories of the Prophets), under the heading "Some Attributes of the Prophet Muhammad (salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam)":

"The blessed one had a beautiful appearance, his limbs were in perfect proportion, his body was well-formed, his forehead and chest and the distance between his shoulders were broad. His neck was slender and pure as silver, his shoulders, biceps and calves were large and thick, his wrists were long, his fingers also long, and his hands and fingers rather thick. His blessed skin was softer than silk.

On his perfect countenance were a well-proportioned head, curved eyebrows, a long nose and an oval face.
His eyelashes were long, his eyes black and beautiful, the space between his largish eyebrows was clear, though his eyebrows were close together. That chosen Prophet (saas) was shining in appearance. In other words, he was neither light nor dark, but somewhere between the two, white like a red rose, light and limpid, and the light shone from his face. His teeth were as white as pearls and bright, and the light gleamed from his front teeth as he spoke. When he laughed, it was as if his mouth gave off rays like soft lightning...

His senses were exceedingly powerful. He could hear from a long way off and see further than anyone. In essence, he had a body formed in perfection and uniqueness, and blessed ... Anyone suddenly seeing him would be consumed with love, and anyone speaking with him would feel great love in his heart and soul. The wise respected him in accordance with their degree. He greatly honoured his relatives. He would not, however, treat them better than those more worthy than them.

He treated his servants well. Whatever he wore or ate, he would give to them to wear and eat.
He was generous, beneficial, compassionate, forgiving, brave and mild. In speech, he kept to his word. In essence, his excellent morality, sharp powers of reasoning were greater than those of all other people and worthy of great praise. In eating and apparel he contented himself with the very poorest degree and refrained from excess."

Irbad ibn Sariya and Abu Imama said that the Prophet salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam said:

" I am the supplication of my father Ibrahim, and the good tidings of my brother `Isa. The night I was delivered my mother saw a light that lit the castles of Damascus so that she could see them."

The Prophet salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam first appeared to his mother in the form of a light that lit the world for her until she could see the palaces of Syria from her place in Mecca:

Muslim narrates it in his Sahih, book of Salat al-musafirin. Imam Ahmad in his Musnad also narrates it with a strong chain, but with the reverse order of the first narration cited above, resulting in the wording: "... and make me light," or he said: "Make light for me." Ibn Hajar in Fath al-bari (1989 ed. 11:142) mentions a narration in Ibn Abi `Asim's Kitab al-du`a which states: "And grant me light upon light" (wa hab li nuran `ala nur). There are many sound narrations of this hadith mentioning other parts of the Prophet's person. Ibn Hajar states that Abu Bakr ibn al-`Arabi numbered the items for which the Prophet supplicated for light in himself at twenty-five in the totality of the sound narrations of that hadith. Among them are:

Light in the Prophet's heart

Light in the Prophet's tongue

Light in the Prophet's hearing

Light in the Prophet's eyesight

Light in the Prophet's six directions: right, left, front, back, above, and below

Light in the Prophet's soul

Light in the Prophet's chest

Light in the Prophet's sinew

Light in the Prophet's flesh

Light in the Prophet's blood

Light in the Prophet's hair

Light in the Prophet's skin

Light in the Prophet's bones

Light in the Prophet's shrine

"Enhance light for me."

"Give me abundant light."

"Give me light upon light."

"Make me light."

Characteristics of the Prophet
Salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam

1. The Matchless Appearance of Our Prophet (saas) 

Narrated by Sayyidina Ibrahim b. Muhammad (ra), one of the grandchildren of Sayyidina Ali (ra):
“. . . One who strove to convey his superior traits and impressive qualities simply confessed his impotence and incompetence in describing him by stating that he has never before him or after him seen anyone comparable to him.

May God's salat (prayer, prayer made to our Prophet, asking God for forgiveness, God’s mercy, establishing prayer) and peace be upon him.”

2. The Beauty of Our Prophet (saas) 

His companions (Ra) described the beauty of the Prophet (saas) in these terms:
“The Prophet (saas) had a most handsome constitution. Some likened the beauty of his smile to that of the full moon . . . His nose was thin . . . His face was smooth . . . His beard was thick . . . His neck was most beautiful . . . If the rays of the Sun fell on his neck, it appeared like a cup of silver mixed with gold . . . The expanse between his shoulders was wide.”

3. The Majesty of Our Prophet (saas)

Narrated by Imam Hasan (ra): 
“Our Messenger of God was, by nature, imposing and magnificent.”

4. The Radiant Face of Our Prophet (saas)  

Anas bin Malik (ra) says: 
“The Prophet (saas) was neither tall nor short. He was handsome. His hair was neither delicate nor curly. On the other hand, the color the face of Mubarak (upon whom Divine goodness is bestowed, one who is given abundantly, the Beneficial, the Auspicious), was of a splendorous white.”

5. The Powerful Body of Our Prophet (saas)

“His neck was most beautiful, neither long, nor short. If the rays of the Sun fell on his neck, it appeared like a cup of silver mixed with gold. His chest was broad. It was even like a mirror and white like the moonlight... His shoulders were wide. His palms were softer than wool.” 

6. The Stature of Our Prophet (saas): 

Baraa bin Aazib (ra) relates:
“I never saw someone more handsome than the Messenger of God. His hair reached his shoulders. The portion between his two shoulders was wide. He was neither very tall nor very short.”  

7. The Beautiful Eyes of Our Prophet (saas):

Abu Huraira (ra) describes him:
“His forehead was wide, and the place between his eyebrows was bright like pure silver, and his eyes were very beautiful and his eyes’ pupils were black. The hairs of his eyelashes were profuse . . . ” 

8. The Complexion of Our Prophet (saas):

Abu Huraira (ra) reports:
“He was reddish-white . . .”

9. The Hair of Our Prophet (saas):

Aisha (ra) reports:“The blessed hair of The Messenger of God (saas) was longer than those that reached the earlobes, and shorter than those that reached the shoulders.”

10. The Beard of Our Prophet (saas):

“He had a thick, dense beard.” 

11. The Beautiful Mouth of Our Prophet (saas):

“His teeth were as white as pearls and bright, and the light gleamed from his front teeth as he spoke. When he laughed, it was as if his mouth gave off rays like soft lightning . . .” 

12. The Manner of Dress of Our Prophet (saas):

Jundub ibn Makith (ra) said: 
“Whenever a delegation came to meet the Messenger of God, he would wear his best clothes and order his leading companions to do likewise.”Another hadith relates: “You are going to visit your brothers, so repair your saddles and make sure that you are dressed well.”

13. The Manner of Sitting of Our Prophet (saas):

Qaylah bint Makhramah (ra) reports:
“I saw the Messenger of God (saas) in the mosque (in a very humble posture) sitting. Due to his awe-inspiring personality, I began shivering.”  

14. The Manner of Speaking of Our Prophet (saas):

“The Prophet (saas) was the greatest of the Arabs in oratory and beauty of speech. He said: ‘I am the greatest orator among the Arabs.’” 

15. The Smiling Face of Our Prophet (saas): 

As recalled by Sayyidina Ali (ra):  
“The Messenger of God (saas)... was the one who smiled the most and the most joyful of all.”  

16. The Glances of Our Prophet (saas): 

Hasan (ra), the grandson of our Prophet (saas), described the way he looked at things as follows: “The way he looked was extremely expressive . . .”  

17. The Pleasant Scent of Our Prophet (saas):

Jaabir bin Samura (ra) states: 
“Whenever the Holy Prophet (saw)tread on any path, when someone passed by later, they could recognize that the prophet had passed by there because they could smell the fragrance of his body.”  

18. The Affection for Others of Our Prophet (saas) 

Anas bin Malik (ra) relates: “I remained in the service of the Messenger of God (saas) for ten years. He never once told me Uff.’ When I did something, he never asked me, ‘Why did you do so?’ When I failed to do a certain task, he never asked me why I did not do it.”

19. The Superior Moral Values of Our Prophet (saas):

“Allah’s Messenger (saas). When he shook hands with anyone, he did not withdraw his hands till the other man withdrew his. Similarly, he did not turn away his face from anyone till that man turned his face to the other side. And he was never seen to put forward his knees in front of one with whom he was sitting.”
 “. . . He used to call his companions by their surnames with honor and he used to give one surname who had no surname.” 

20. The Modesty of Our Prophet (saas): 

“. . . Everyone thought that the Prophet (saw) honored him more. Whoever came to him could see his face . . . Yes, the way he sat, listened, his words, graceful jests and attention were always for those with him. Besides, the meetings he held with friends was marked by decency, modesty and security.”

Harun Yahya