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Reflections of my beloved Prophet
salla lahu alayhi wa'ale hi wasallam

Out of love for Sayyidina Muhammad (salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam) they say, "O Ahmad! You are the brightness of the moon and sun."

But verily i say, "O Beloved! Thy beauty is beyond the scope of tongue and pen to describe. Had thou been among the ladies instead of Yusouf (a.s), they would have slashed their hearts instead of fingers...this is why the greatest lovers say, 'We prefer Madinah to Eden.' 

Mohammed Yasin Owadally

Reflections of my beloved Prophet

My role model, my revered Prophet
The light of God's eye
It is by mimicking your actions that
I strive to live and die

If I can just be a mere fraction
Of the person that you were
My bounties, knowledge and goodness
Will indeed commence to incur

No single unbeliever (black nor white)
Can aid in your defamation
It is through God's eyes that you are
The key to human kind's salvation

O Prophet, my beloved Prophet
The Seal of all who came before you
Your kindness, love and compassion
Cannot ever be surpassed nor eschewed

They have tried to denounce you
Yet your name is inscribed in the throne of God
Indeed they'll never know,
 love will surpass hate
And their plan to vilify you is flawed  

They can say whatever they want to say
They will unfortunately never know
The love and admiration for you that
Will ALWAYS and FOREVER continue to grow

Sumaira Maghrabi