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  Noble tradition of Sayyidina Shaykh     Muhammad al’ Yaqoubi al Hasani

Please find below the authentic tradition - silsila of our blessed Sheikh, which shows the ‘Shadhili’ link to Sayyidina Rasulullah (salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam).

Sayyidi Sheikh
Muhammad al-Yaqoubi al-Hasani - hafizhahu Allah ta`ala

May Allah preserve him for the benefit of the Ummah
2.his father Sheikh
Ibrahim al-Yaqoubi al-Hasani
3.his father Sheikh
Isma`il al-Ya`qubi al-Hasani
4.Sheikh Muhammad al-Mubarak al-Hasani (the son)1330
5.his brother Sheikh
Muhammad al-Tayyib al-Hasani
Muhammad ibn Mas`ud al-Fasi
7.Sheikh Muhmmad b. Hamza Zhafir al-Madani1262
8.Sheikh al-`Arabi  al-Darqawi al-Hasani1239/40
9.Sheikh `Ali al-Hassani, known as al-Jamal 
10.Sheikh al-'Arabi ibn Ahmad ibn 'Abd Allah 
11.his father, Sheikh
Ahmad ibn 'AbdAllah al-Fasi
12.Sheikh Qasim al-Khassasi 
13.Sheikh Muhammad ibn 'AbdAllah al-Fasi 
14.Sheikh  'Abd al-Rahman 
15.Sheikh Yusuf al-Fasi 
16.Sheikh 'Abd al-Rahman the Attracted (al-Majdhub)  
17.Sheikh `Ali al-Sanhaji  
18.Sheikh Ibrahim Ifham  
19.Sheikh Ahmad Zarruq al-Fasi 899

20.Sheikh Ahmad ibn 'Uqbah al-Hadhrami  
`Ali ibn Muhammad Wafa
22.his father, Sheikh
Muhammad Wafa
23.Sheikh Dawud ibn al-Bakhili  
24.Sheikh Ibn `Ata Allah al-Sakandari 709
in Cairo
25.Sheikh Abul-'Abbas al-Mursi686
in Alexandria
26.Imam Abul-Hasan al-Shadhili al-Hasani656
Humaythira, Egypt
27.Sheikh 'Abd al-Salam ibn Mashish622
28.Sheikh 'Abdul-Rahman al-Madani the Perfumer  (al-`Ittar al-Zayyat) 
29.Sheikh Tuqayy ul-Din al-Fuqayyar  
30.Sheikh Fakhr al-Din  
31.Sheikh Nur ul-Din Abul-Hasan 'Ali  
32.Sheikh Muhammad Taj al-Deen  
33.Sheikh Shams ul-Din Abu Muhammad  
34.Sheikh Zayn ul-Din al-Qazwini  
35.Sheikh Abu Ishaq Ibrahim al-Basri  
36.Sheikh Abul-Qasim Ahmad al-Marwani  
37.Sheikh Abu Muhammad Sa'id  
38.Sheikh Sa'd  
39.Sheikh Abu Muhammad Fath al-Sa'ud  
40.Sheikh al-Ghazwini  
41.Sheikh Abu Muhammad Jabir ibn `AbdAllah  
42.Mawlana Sayyiduna al-Hasan ibn `Ali ibn Abi Talib (upon him be peace),
the First of the Qutbs, Master of the People of Islam, Grandson of the Beloved of Allah
43.his father, Mawlana Sayyiduna Ali ibn Abi Talib (may Allah ennoble his face), the Lion of Allah, Door to the City of Knowledge, Vicegerent of the Prophet (upon him be peace),
Subduer  of Khaybar, Imam of Imams, Abu Turab, Prince of the Believers
 Mawlana Sayyiduna Abul-Qasim Muhammad al-Mustafa salla lahu alayhi wa'ale hi wasallam (may the mercy of Allah and peace be upon him),
The Master of Messengers,
Chief of the Prophets,
Imam of the Pious,
Embellishment of the Heavens and Earth,
Prince of the Two Abodes,
Intercessor on the Last Day,
Mercy to the Universe,
the Perfect Example,
the Infallible Guide,
al-Nabi al-Ummiy,
the Beloved of Allah
 The Chief of Angels,
the Transmitter of Divine Revelation, 
Sayyiduna Jibril (upon him be salutations and peace)