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O Sweet and Beautiful Madani
Salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam

In the name of Allah do I begin.
The Most Merciful, The Most Kind.

For it was Allah, who delivered the Best of Creation,
To the whole of Mankind.
How great is His favour, for us to see.

For Truth has arrived, and falsehood will flee.

May every blessing be upon thee, O sweet and beautiful Madani.

No sweeter man has there ever been.

None more honest and serene.
Your blessed feet have visited the Arsh.
Thou art Allah’s light upon this darkened Farsh.

Your sweat is sweeter than the scent of a rose.
Upon your honour, do I compose this prose.

May every blessing be upon thee, O sweet and beautiful Madani.

Your City is the one with grandeur and Light,
And the Imams knew it all to be true, upon first sight.

O sweet and precious Madani, with your Sunna I pray,
I might live in harmony.
I long to see the blessed green dome,

For there resides my heart’s true home,
They called it al Munawwarra – the Radiant abode.
For it was when you O Madani, blessed it with your presence and made it your home.

Our Iman is not complete, till for you we have true love.
How can this not be, for you are more radiant than the whitest of doves.

May every blessing be upon thee, O sweet and beautiful Madani.

They all flocked to see, from where the light did come,
Upon thy blessed face did they glance, and be overcome.
In jubilation they sang, “The moon rose over us.”

And the reality was there.
“Undoubtedly there has come to you from Allah, a light and a book luminous.” The Qur’an reminds me, of the moon that rose over us.

For undoubtedly, it is you O sweet Madani, who was that Light.

Delivered to the world, to bring consciousness to a new height.

Indeed, it was lady Amina, who also witnessed this light.
So much so that when she was with child, the sky was so bright.

It were the Sahaba who would often recite and set up camp.
And they related to others, your presence overcame both sun and lamp.

Hassan Ibn Thabit, the Ashiq al-Rasul,
Would often declare that your presence even overshadowed the moon.

O sweet Madani, you have turned our darkness into a guiding Light,

So why dear brothers, do we fight and not unite?

For the Sahaba knew best, and did not commit sin.
If only they now saw, the state that we are in.

The Sahaba described well, the light that they saw.
So why do brothers anger when we agree with what went before?

May every blessing be upon thee, O sweet and beautiful Madani.

You helped me to see, that besides Allah, there is No other Divinity, And for you and yours, I have great affinity.

Without your love, O Madani, my heart is lost, and in a muddle.

Every time I cry, and for thee shed a tear:

I long to see thou, O, to be so near!
You have taught me it is Allah I should fear,

But it is only by loving you, O sweet Madani, that we shall draw near.
O Allah!  To Thee do I only pray,

And I thank Thee, for showing me the Way.
For I know that when in despair, or I am lost in my way,

I would repeat, what the Pious Predecessors would also say.
‘Abd Allah Ibn ‘Umar and Khalid bin Walid,

Who will dare declare them of any evil deeds?
In numbness and in pain, even after your passing, O sweet Madani.
They cried out “Ya Muhammad !”

So shall it not suffice for a sinner like me?

May every blessing be upon thee, O sweet and beautiful Madani.

May every moment be spent in saying your Darud.

May I never leave sense, of the Madinan Hadud.
I wish that my destiny, be tied with Madina.

For there is the Prophet, and blessed Sakinah.

May I become a pious servant of Madina.

Fill my heart, O Allah, with the love of the Sayyid of Madina.
For with your love, my heart glides like a kite,

Your radiance has provided me, with a guiding light.
I long to see the day, when I can be near your side.

I will stand and recite Darud.

It will be my honour, and my pride.
Upon you, your aashiqs lavish great praise.

To those who do not understand,

they simply dismiss this as a craze.
I swear by Almighty Allah, that I will never stop,

Reciting your Darud, until the day I do drop.
 All praise and worship is for Allah,

For bestowing the honour on me.

Of being from the Umma, of the blessed Madani.

Excuse me if I cry, O Sayyid of Madina.

To behold your radiant face, that the Sahaba used to see.

What an honour it will be, for an unworthy one, such as me.

May every blessing be upon thee, O sweet and beautiful Madani.

Some may claim that you are like any one of us,

But who can claim, to have visited the Arsh?

We say bashr, but respect is also due.

For mankind are like rocks, but a pearl are you.

Why cannot they see, the Magnificence of you, O Madani?

The Imam of the Ambiya, and the Leader of Allah’s Community.

You travelled the Seven Heavens, and your eyes did not lie.

For Jibril could not pass, but you, O Madani, glided by.
How can anyone deny Allah’s love for you, O sweet Madani?

Whose name has He raised above, for all to see?
For it is your blessed name, that is besides Allah’s Majesty.

It has been placed there, for the whole of Mankind to see.
The Lord of the World’s called you Rafun and Rahim.

But still yet, some cannot see,

The majesty and honour, that Allah has bestowed upon thee!

May every blessing be upon thee, O sweet and beautiful Madani.

They call us mad – our love declared a Bid’a and that which is Something new.

O! If only they understood, what the majnun of Baghdad, Shaykh Shibli knew!
We say to our brothers, who do not know,

That this is the Islam of the Companions, and to this we can show.

How they went at length to show their love and respect.

When the Companions would rush to catch the blessed water,

There would be chaos, and simply no order.

So you see, the Love of Rasul has an exceptional rule -

Love him more than yourself – until then, we are all just fools!
In sha’ Allah, upon us there will be Allah’s Karam,

And you, O Madani, will be our hearts Mehram.
May I one day again, come to your City,
O sweet and precious Madani.

And have true love, like Owais al Qarani
O! Allah, hear the cries of your Ghulam,

Upon Thy blessed, do I send continuous Salam!

May countless blessing be upon thee,
O sweet and beautiful Madani!

by Aftab Malik