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Ya Sayyidi

Master of Every Nation. 

Light of all illumination. 

Indeed you possess the highest station. 

Your beauty has no equation. 

Your blessed smile is beyond imagination. 

Your remembrance brings jubilation. 

Your coming the greatest celebration. 

Praising you has no limitation. 

Seeing you is elation. 

May your abode be my destination. 

O’Mercy to all Creation. 

My only cure, my greatest medication. 

You are my salvation. 

On the day of desperation, for which I have been heedless in preparation, take my hand to prevent me from deviation. 

Upon you day and night, may I send salutation; 

Salla lahu alayhi Habeeb hi Sayyidina Muhammad wa’ale hi wasallam

Courtesy: Tasib Hussain